The City of Statues

There is a city that’s nicknamed “The City of Statues.” In this city there are, unsurprisingly, many statues. But they’re not normal statues, and they’re not placed in a way that makes any sense. They are everywhere you can imagine: in the middle of streets, in the middle of sidewalks, inside buildings and rooms and closets. And oftentimes they look like they are chasing something. In the day and in the light, they’re just statues, but once darkness falls they come to life and hunt any living creature down, infecting you with just a touch. The story follows a group of 5 survivors as they try to escape the city at night, all while trying to avoid the statues and stay alive.

Content Warnings: Life threatening situations, loud noises and screams, an infectious illness, gun and gunshots, harsh language, discussion of death, and on screen character death.
Transcript: –
Credits: Written, directed, and composed by Ali Hylton
Script editing and transcription by Nic Fray
Dialogue editing by Kai C
Environmental Sound Design by Trace Callahan
Action sound design by Rebecca Liu
Sounds sourced from Soundly and Adobe 
Cast: Allegra Rodriguez Shivers as Adrian
Andrew Sianez-De La O as Felix
Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall as Everett
Ari Delyne as Jordan
ItMe as Ollie

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