Easily create an Audio Drama Script Breakdown

When it comes to an audio drama script breakdown, a lot depends on the workflow and the level of detail you’re looking to get into for your production. Most script editing software has some reporting capability. And often, these reports can be exported as a CSV.

This is great news! When I see the letters CSV, I immediately think “import to a spreadsheet” for a script breakdown. Here’s a little speed-through video on my workflow for exporting reports in WriterDuet (my writing suite of choice) and importing them into Google Sheets (or any other spreadsheet) to format them in an easily readable manner.

Custom Tags

WriterDuet uses a custom tagging module. It allows you to tag just about anything, from props to music cues. I find tagging SFX objects incredibly helpful. These tags can be exported as a CSV or PDF for later reference.

Document Statistics

The Document Statistics screen provides data on writing metrics, character complexity, and other writing metrics. All of the data can be downloaded and used in reports.

Exporting Non-Dialogue and Shots (SFX Cues)

One of my favorite features in WriterDuet is the ability to export non-dialogue portions of your script. I use this report to create an SFX cue sheet and to create markers for Reaper.

Bonus for Reaper users

I’ll show you how to export a CSV from Sheets all laid out to import as markers in Reaper!


Creating a list of locations for your production is as easy as an export.

Import your script breakdown to Google Sheets

If you’re a spreadsheet junky like I am, you’ll be happy to know that all of these reports are easily imported into spreadsheets and databases for easy script breakdowns. CSV files are compatible with most spreadsheet software, databases, table generators, and many DAWs. Manipulating your data is as easy as filtering and sorting in Google sheets or your favorite spreadsheet software.

Simple script breakdown report for free

If you’re hard-pressed for funds to use WriterDuet’s robust script breakdown services, worry not! Our free-to-use Script Reports for Production Planning puts some useful reports at your fingertips to do a quick script breakdown online!