Turkey Day

TurkeyDay1000 4etbep

Amidst the comforting scent of roasting turkey and the warmth of family gatherings lies a hidden darkness waiting to be unveiled. Join Us! as your host, Owen McCuen, guides you through a gripping narrative, where the idyllic Thanksgiving feast gives way to an unsettling ritual shrouded in mystery and terror. Check out some of Owen’s … Read more

11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – Vanishment – Don’t Let Your Mind Wander

Vanishment CF 892n2i

Greetings, Minions, and welcome to November! We want to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone who participated in… and tuned in to listen to… the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2023. As a way to celebrate the talented folks who participate, we added awards to this year’s challenge. Shamble on over to our website … Read more

Thanks for Listening!

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary audio-storytelling journey. The 11th Hour Audio Challenge has brought together a diverse group of talented producers and artists from around the world to create a mesmerizing collection of audio dramas. These captivating shows have offered a unique blend of suspense, mystery, and sheer creativity, transporting you to … Read more

The Vacant Sea — A Widow’s Walk

The Vacant Sea V4 scaled

Some say places are cursed. Some say people are. In The Vacant Sea, the Curse flows with the tide. It recedes the beach, weathers the wood, and erodes the soul. For Elizabeth, it infects everything and everyone around her. Written and Produced by: Glenn Mercer Music by: James Ieraci Starring: Erika Sanderson as Elizabeth Owen … Read more

Alas, Poor Stuart

Alas Poor Stuart 2

Pittsburgh in ’68; Kentucky in ’85. Now it’s happening again. Two friends seek a means to look into the future, but what they find is that history repeats itself.   Written by Owen McCuen With: Glenn Mercer as Burke Erika Sanderson as Hare Owen McCuen as The Figure Stuart Chatterly as Himself. Sound Design by … Read more

Monsters with Mortimer Presents Stitched Together

Stitched TogetherV2 scaled

Join your host, Mortimer Blackwood, as he delves into the minds of Doctor Victor Frankenstein and his Creation as they share their views on life, love, and the pursuit of vengeance. Written by Monique Boudreau Directed by Matthew Boudreau Featuring Owen McCuen as Mortimer Blackwood Karim Kronfli as The Creature Matt Fearnley as Dr. Victor Frankenstein Dialog … Read more

Red Wine for Red Meat

Red Wine for Red Meat Art scaled

“I am in the ascendant! I am death!” From her grand country house, the Lady Elizabeth commands devotion. She has the power, the land, and the secrets. Even Edgar Lockwood, historian and archaeologist, is in her thrall. But now she has a challenger – Miss Selina Temple, who has secrets of her own. Tonight, there … Read more