11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – Darkest Night

Welcome, dear listeners, for the month of September we’ve traveled to the Roth-Lodbow Center for Advanced Research, where darkness dwells and secrets are cast from the shadows. In this bone-chilling pilot episode of Darkest Night, Chapter 1 – The Will Reading, we delve into the sinister world of Project Cyclops, a macabre experiment tangled in … Read more

Skankenstein’s Monsta

Skankenstein’s Monsta, is where ska and horror collide in a symphony of infectious beats and monstrous grooves. Created by 11th Hour producer Matthew Boudreau, this electrifying tune brings to life Dr. Skankenstein and his ska-fueled creation. Let’s all celebrate Matthew’s birthday by preparing for his favorite event, the 11th Hour Audio Challenge coming in October. Join talented audio creators … Read more

Brimstone Gap – Ghost Magnet

cover art for Brimstone Gap featuring a lone, old west church in a barren dessert landscape.

In the American West of the 1880s, there is one stop along the Transcontinental railroad that is rarely visited.  Those who step off the train are almost never seen again, and its reputation is dark and crowded with supernatural secrets.  The town is a psychic whirlpool drawing dark and broken souls alike into its grip. … Read more

11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – The Tell-Tale Heart

CF May 8zwi5c scaled

Creature Feature of the Month – The Tell-Tale Heart This month, we’re delving into the chilling world of Edgar Allan Poe with an offering from Tom Rory Parsons. Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” has been a staple of horror literature since its publication in 1843 and for good reason. Published in 1843 “The Tell-Tale Heart”, explores the … Read more

Brimstone Gap Pilot Pre-Production

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