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Got a story to tell and wondering where to start? Come back often for more resources and information on how to make an audio drama that keeps your listeners tuning in for more. Whether you’re making an entire podcast or a one-off story, get the tools and tips for your audio production toolkit.


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Brain Depository

Enter the Depository where you’ll find a collection of informational and inspirational resources related to all the things that make audio drama horror happen.

Writing & Editing

Planning & Preproduction

Acting & Directing


Dialogue Editing

Sound Design

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Setting up tracks for Sound Design in Reaper

Want to sound design your Audio Drama podcast in Reaper? Matt takes you through his setup process for creating immersive sound and shows some helpful tips along the way.

Composing & Music

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Mad Fiends With Violins

Over the decades composers have created soundtracks that are so chilling and memorable, that the music on its own will make your pulse quicken when you hear it.

Mixing & Postproduction

Coming soon!