About 11th Hour Audio

Everything’s a scream at 11th Hour Audio

11th Hour Audio is more than just a horror podcast. It is a chance for producers and talent to collaborate, locally or with folks from around the world. The talent ranges from folks who are new to their craft to seasoned veterans. Whether you’re an avid horror listener or a budding producer, there’s something for everyone at 11th Hour Audio.

Listen to great horror!

Listen to the 11th Hour Podcast for tons of great horror produced by 11th Hour Audio and creators from around the world.

Learn the craft!

Tools, techniques, and reviews from 11th Hour Creators! Come learn the craft of audio drama production and horror storytelling with the guidance of talented and professional producers.

Collaborate with creators!

Collaborate with talent from around the world! Get insights on the processes and gear, or find folks to team up with on our forums.