The 11th Hour Audio Challenge


Welcome, dear minions, to the 11th Hour Audio Challenge! Our goal is to engage as many teams in 11th Hour Productions as possible. Anyone can take part, and there aren’t many rules. Sadly, everything needs rules. Even mayhem has its order. But we kept the 11th Hour Audio Challenge rules intentionally simple and flexible as hell.

Let’s turn this into an event, shall we? Join the 11th Hour Audio Challenge, where audio drama creators worldwide showcase their work, connect with others, and celebrate audio storytelling. With a month to create original audio shows, this challenge fosters creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create with us!

The Challenge

The 11th Hour Audio Challenge is a yearly event that encourages teams to create original audio shows in October. Copyrighted material must have clear licensing, and shows should involve more than one production company. Scripts must be under 30 pages, and deadlines are at 11 PM on October 28th. The challenge fosters teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills, and submissions can be uploaded on the 11th Hour Audio Challenge Submission page. Additionally, an annual online audio drama event is being planned to bring together creators from around the world.

How to Participate

To participate in the event, teams must submit their original audio shows through the event website or platform. The submission process includes the following steps:

  1. Fill out the submission form, including the following information:
    • Team name and contact information.
    • Show title, synopsis, art cover art
    • Length of the show.
    • List of cast and crew members.
    • Upload the audio file of the show.
    • Licensing information for any copyrighted material used in the show.
  2. Submit the form and audio file before the deadline, which is 11 PM on October 28th each year.

The judges will evaluate the submissions based on the originality and creativity of the show, the quality of the audio production, and adherence to the event rules and guidelines. Award winners will be announced after the event through social media and the post-event celebration or podcast.