Delve into the mind of Jimmy Murray, a former fiction writer, famous for his Trish Hunter series. Jimmy now showcases modern audio fiction on his radio show. Despite his popularity, Jimmy harbors deep resentment towards his listeners, fellow writers, and himself. One fateful day, as Jimmy leaves the radio station, he finds himself inexplicably transported into a nightmarish realm that mirrors the horrifying stories he once penned…and the final girl he forced to endure his twisted stories.

About the cast:
Daniel Penz (Jimmy) is an American voice actor known for his deep, rich, and professional voice-overs, narrations, and characterizations in various audio-books, anime, and video games. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has worked with numerous renowned clients such as, FUNimation Entertainment, and several others, contributing to a wide range of projects. Apart from his exemplary voice acting skills, Daniel is also a two-time Emmy Award-winning video editor and producer, having created content for organizations like CBS, JCPenney, and PBS.

Crystal Storm (Trish) initially wanted to be a lawyer but ended up not attending classes in college and was asked not to return. Years later, she decided to change her thinking and began pursuing a career in the arts. She has written novels, hosted a podcast, and is involved in voice acting, voice directing, and writing for the Tales Network. Crystal also enjoys playing video games and tabletop games on Twitch.

This podcast also featured the incredible talents of Nicole Fikes, Matthew Boudreau, and Owen McCuen, and excerpts from other works by Matthew Boudreau featuring Patrick Pizzolorusso, Sophia Howes, John Bell, G. Anton Moore, Gyda Arber, and Christianne Greiert.

Warning: This podcast contains elements of psychological horror and sexually suggestive scenes. As always, 11th Hour material may not be suitable for sensitive listeners.

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