Creature Feature of the Month – December – Freak Magnet

When a dead man wakes with nothing but a battered book of Edgar Allan Poe stories, the quest for his identity sets dark forces in motion for the sideshow family that takes him in.

Adapted by Vicki Speegle

Adapted from the first episode of the new TV horror “The Worm and the Butterfly” from creators William D. Prystauk and Vicki Speegle

Sound design by Owen McCuen

Poe and Lyndon were voiced by Owen McCuen

Pin by Dino Barlaam

Talk by Brenda Crawley

Lulu was voiced by Shannon Meehan

Half, Melissa Mitchell

Deli Clerk and Cabin Guy, William D. Prystauk

Shellie, Vicki Speegle

Snake, Mark Ward

Annabel and Metal Annabel music by Mark Ward with Shannon Meehan.

Poster art by Greg Palko

Thank you to Fredric Lehne, New Jersey Screenwriters Group, and Mr. Edgar A. Poe for inspiring our morbid creation with his wonderful works.

This has been an 11th Hour Audio, Crash Palace, and Mirror Images production.

If you wish to contact the members of the production team, please email

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