11th Hour Audio Creature Feature of the Month – Human Error

Before we get to the show we wanted all of our listeners to know that 11th Hour Audio is producing the pilot episode for a new series called Brimstone Gap. Written by Philip Craig Robotham, Brimstone Gap is a dark tale set in the Old West.

In the American West of the 1880s, there is one stop along the Transcontinental railroad that is rarely visited. Those who step off the train are almost never seen again, and its reputation is dark and crowded with supernatural secrets. The town is a psychic whirlpool drawing dark and broken souls alike into its grip.

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April is the month of resurrections. The Queen of the Underworld has emerged bringing an end to the bitterly barren winter. Cybele’s consort Attis becomes a symbol of fertility after castrating himself under a pine tree, and a martyred carpenter rises from his tomb promising eternal life. Springtime myths and stories are imbued with the concept of resurrection. But here in Horror Land the ultimate symbol of resurrection is the zombie. Few other creatures lurking in our nightmares carry the idea of life, death, rebirth, and fertility quite as well as the modern zombie.
With that in mind we’ve unearthed a story from Ali Hylton called Human Error. Human Error takes a deep look at the zombie apocalypse and asks the question “What does it mean to be a monster?”
Human Error is an immersive audio drama about survival, found family, and finding hope within ourselves during dark and dangerous times when the world we know ends, and a new one is born.

Human Error comes to us from some of the creators who produced City of Statues for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2022.

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CAST (in order of appearance):
Lindsay Zana as Grace Katherine Ryan
Elissa Park as Billie Ryan
Josh Portillo as Nick Ryan
Darin F. Earl II as the Radio Announcer
Eleanor Anwen as Delilah
Stacey Cotham as Tyler
Dustin Vuong Nguyen as Elio
Allison Dauphine as Hazel Nicole Jarrel
Allen Chan as Gus William Hill
Caroline Mincks as Jace Franklin

Written by Ali Hylton
Script editing by Tal Minear and Brad Colbroock
Sound design by Brad Colbroock
Dialogue edit by Ali Hylton
Consultation by Caroline Mincks
Music composed by Ali Hylton

This episode features a trailer from the show Thirteen. To learn more about the show visit their twitter.

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