11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month – In Ruins

“It was the Terrible Season of the autumn, and the wild people in the mountains were preparing for the frightful ceremonies which only rumour told of in the towns. They were the very old folk who dwelt higher up in the hills and spoke a choppy language which the Vascones could not understand. …every spring and autumn they held the infamous rites on the peaks, their howlings and altar-fires throwing terror into the villages. Always the same—the night before the Kalends of Maius and the night before the Kalends of November. Townsfolk would disappear just before these nights, and would never be heard of again.”

– H.P. Lovecraft The Very Old Folk

On November 3rd 1927 H.P. Lovecraft sent a letter containing the story The Very Old Folk to Donald Wandrei. The Very Old Folk is a tale that draws its inspiration from the cross-cultural observances of All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day and Dia de los Muertos. These days of ceremony and ancestral remembrance are observed during the first days of November.

And just as the folk practices of the world gave H.P. Lovecraft the feverish dreams he wrote about, those dreams went on to influence many other writers and podcasters who cautiously dip their pens into the mad Lovecraftian universe. This month the 11th Hour Creature Feature brings you a story from the stormy shores of the island of St. Caillic. In Ruins comes to us from A Scottish Podcast.

A Scottish Podcast chronicles the story of Lee, a washed up former radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast with reluctant help from his friend Dougie. The two travel the length and breadth of Scotland in search of Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea.

Main Cast

Lee – Robert Cudmore
Hear more of Robert in: Fidget and Cargo

Doug – Matthew McLean
Matthew also appears in: DAW of the Dead

Jane – Fiona Thraille
Fiona can also be found in: Breathless, The Hidden Truths, and Customs

Tommy – Michael Hudson
Check out Michael in Castle of Horror

George – Jim Balfour

Bruce – Karim Kronfli
You can find Karim in: The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Ivory Towers, and A Little  Bedtime Gory

Byers – David Ault
Listen to David in Ancient Evil

Danielle – Rosemary Stanford
Rosemary also appears in Cargo

Bob – Kevin Parr

Drunk Helen – Sarah Golding
Catch Sarah in: The Parsonage, Wolpertingers, and Fidget

Randy – Rich Matheson

Gina – Tanja Milojevic
Tanja also appears in: The Hunted, The Golden Bridle, and In The House of the Dead

Johnny –David Devereux
Catch David in The Lights of Witchywood

Cheryl – Rebeka Venters

Alice – Katie McNulty

Zara – Nichole Goodnight

Olly – Austin Beach
Austin is also in: To The Moon and Back, Bunker 11, and The Martyr Protocol

Cover & Website Art – Kessi Riliniki

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