Script Reports for Production Planning

Once you have your script ready for production, it’s time to do some pre-production planning. This includes organizing script reports for your cast, locations, and any sound effects needed for the production.

Compiling your Reports

I used to do these reports by hand, painstakingly going line-by-line through the script and updating a spreadsheet with relevant SFX, Location, and character cues. That’s extra time-consuming, especially when you are compiling reports across an entire series or feature-length screenplay.

Automating these reports makes compiling super simple, and because the report is compiled electronically, we can count lines, location occurrences, and even automate cue sheets insanely faster than generating reports by hand.

Use Our Handy Report Tool

I’ve made it easy for you to generate my CSV-formatted reports for your production. Using Google Sheets, we can access the xml data in the FDX file and create a number of robust reports.

All you need is an electronic copy of your script in FDX format. Final Draft, Writerduet, Celtx, and most major screenplay software export in this format. Once you have an FDX formatted script, just use the form below to upload your file. Click SUBMIT to generate and download your free SFX, Location, and Character reports.