Collaborating and finding a common voice

The rule:

Shows should involve more than one production company, as the point is to gather and learn from each other and create incredible audio.  

The spirit:

The golden rule of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Teamwork and innovation are essential production skillsets. New colleagues offer unique perspectives and problem-solving solutions.

The internet contains a wealth of resources for effective collaboration, whether you work with remote teams or get together locally. Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, online calendars, and other project management tools make creativity online easy.

Expose yourself to other creators.  Chat online, ask questions, tap into a diversity of viewpoints. Here and in your podcasts.  Work with team members you’ve never worked with.  Share your expertise and learn from that of others. Your worst experiences have still been learning experiences.  Maybe more so.  

We urge you to learn something from every creative you work with and use those tools in your workflow to help you grow as an artist. The more tools we have to express our ideas, the more ideas we can communicate, and the best way for ideas to evolve is to see how others express them. Flexibility in your creative process will only help you grow as an artist.

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