The Golden Bridle

Foster is troubled by nightmares after doing a plumbing job for Professor Shaposhnikov. Who exactly is the professor, and why does Foster’s best friend Danyel distrust him? 

Written by Leslie McMurtry

Pandora Beatrix as Foster and Keda
Tanja Milojevic as Danyel Buckley and Voicemail
Lothar Tuppan as Professor Constantin Shaposhnikov
Patricia Jephson as Receptionist
Joshua Price as Passerby 1 and Passerby Two
Leslie McMurtry as Podcast Host One
Rod Henderson as Podcast Host Two


Dialogue edited by Monique Boudreau and Joshua Price
Produced/Mixed by Joshua Price
Directed by Tanja Milojevic
Music Composed by Grace Mary Burega
Sound Effects gathered from FreeSound, self-produced, and pulled from the LightningBolt Theater of the Mind Sound Library.
Audio Pronunciations for the cast recorded by Melissa Beattie

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