The Audiophile

Hal’s freed himself from the retail grind, and acquired the stereo system of his dreams. Now he’ll get back at everyone who ever doubted his audiophonic genius, especially Kathy. He’s going to play the one hit by the rarest, hippest band in America on his podcast, to conjure up ancient vibrations. It’s a listening experience that could rock your face off.

Hal Akers is played by Owen McCuen.
Kathy Sulivan is played by Tarn Perly.
Cindy Holzer is sung by Jill Knapp.
The 911 Dispatcher is played by Vincent Friel.

“The Goat” was written by Vincent Friel.
Lyrics by Lindsay Harris Friel.
All other music was written and performed by Vincent Friel.

The Audiophile was written and produced by Lindsay Harris Friel and Vincent Friel, inspired by The Whisperer In Darkness by H. P. Lovecraft.

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