Reminisce With Me

Written and Directed by Rachel Pulliam
A compassionate activity specialist at a Memory Care Center grows concerned when her favorite resident, a former children’s author, begins acting erratic towards her, but not to her new quirky and mysterious co-worker.
“Reminisce With Me” was a collaborative project with Bell’s in the Batfry, Darker Projects, Dayton Writers Movement, Firewall Theatre, Narada Radio Company, and Old Souls Audio.
Featuring the voice talents of:
Colette Feehan as Melinda
Karim Kronfli as Eli
Hannah Mauvis as the Little girl
Delaney Brittingham as The Sister
Erica Allseitz as Rose
Margaret Ashley as Gabrielle
Thea Solone as the Standard Error Recording
Pete Lutz as Emerson Campbell
John Bell as Announcer
Story: Rachel Pulliam
Sound Design and Mix: MJ Cogburn
Original Music: Katharine Seaton
Additional Music by: Kevin MacLeod and Story Blocks

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