The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth

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Radio Theatre Workshop 1920s, Oxford, England. Agnes finds herself in the underground archives of the famed Bodleian library, nervously awaiting a job interview. Then the lights go out, a door is locked and Agnes stumbles upon something that definitely isn’t a pile of books. Then she starts hearing the creature. Cast Agnes – Beth Eyre … Read more


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Fidget By Ele Matelan Mr Wilkins wants to sit back, relax, and gently recover from his double eye operation on the calm yet vibrant hospital ward…and all goes like clockwork…until Nurse Tempe turns up. This binaural realisation of this written for audio horror story, of a man who does more than rub his sloughy eye … Read more

To the Moon and Back

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While on a road trip to the family farm, Amari and Mae are kidnapped by a local human trafficker. They must find a way to escape before circumstances get completely out of control. Written by Faith McQuinn Starring: Marquita Richardson as Amari Teajuana Scott as Mae Kristin Martin as Ruth Jeremy Hennessy as Jeff Drew … Read more

In The House Of The Dead

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Four people go to a haunted bed and breakfast, only to discover this may be their last vacation. Written by Neil Gustin Starring: Austin Beach as Alec Matthew Boudreau as Tyler Sarah Golding as Isabella Dayn Leonardson as Carson Wright Pete Lutz as Andre Owen McCuen as H.H. Holmes Tanja Milojevic as Loren Ebony Rose … Read more

The Opportunist

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Four inmates working in a prison work gang accidentally make an unusual discovery that holds the promise of great riches… and of great horror. Written by Steve Schneider Starring: Jason D. Johnson as GRAVES Alan Clower as NORTON Nick Wommack as HENRY Dana Gonsalves as DEACON Pete Lutz as LUCKY Russ Walker as ROY Ross … Read more

DAW of the Dead

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There is a new software for working with sound. Whether you are an aspiring podcaster, professional studio engineer, or live electronic musician, ZannTech is the answer to everything you need. ZannTech is a powerful way to create and it will change your life. Users lucky enough to get an early access trial are just…dying…to unleash … Read more

A Little Bedtime Gory

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A father reads to his little girl, but all is not quite what it seems Written by Pete Lutz Starring: Holly Golding as Tiffany Karim Kronfli as Daddy Layla Katib as Princess 11th Hour Audio Productions presents a collaboration between 63audio The Radio Theatre Workshop Firewall Theatre Company Broken Bard Studios Directed by Karim Kronfli … Read more


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Two Instagram princesses walk into a medical museum, looking for freak show thrills. The tour guide introduces them to circus mermaids, who test the limits of their endurance. Written by Lindsay Harris-Friel Starring: Tanja Milojevic as Heather Hem Cleveland as Mimi Erika Sanderson as Kath Fiona Thraille as Abigail and Allison Heather Spiegel-Auden as Bettine … Read more

The Timekeeper

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An antique shop holds many treasures… If the price is right. Written by Miss Mae Adapted for Audio bt Owen McCuen Starring: Owen McCuen as Mr. Mortimer Nancy McCuen as Woman 1 Janine Gilbert as Woman 2 Jeannette Adamonis as Mrs. Saywell Glenn Mercer as Young Man David O. Steele as Wealthy Man Brian Holcomb … Read more

Castle Of Horror

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Dracula wakes to find his evening fully booked. Entertaining people at his castle now a resort. Written by David Meredith Starring: Michael Hudson as Renfield Karim Kronfli as Count Dracula Sarah Golding as Marishka Layla Katib as Billie 11th Hour Audio Productions presents a collaboration between The Radio Theatre Workshop Firewall Theatre Company Directed by … Read more