The City of Statues

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There is a city that’s nicknamed “The City of Statues.” In this city there are, unsurprisingly, many statues. But they’re not normal statues, and they’re not placed in a way that makes any sense. They are everywhere you can imagine: in the middle of streets, in the middle of sidewalks, inside buildings and rooms and … Read more

Soul Mates

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Written by Faith McQuinn Story concept by Tanja Milojevic Cast: ROBERT: James David West MELANIE AND STEWARD MELANIE: Tanja Milojevic INGRID: Xperience J GRAYSON: Dean T. Moody Steward: Melody, a built-in AI voice provided by Sound design by Matthew Boudreau Sound Effect Design direction and dialogue editing by Tanja Milojevic Music: Dystopia by Ian … Read more