Intensive Care

James Comtois

Alex Ericcson (Nat Angstrom) is checked into a New England Hospital after a major car accident. His accommodations are not so state of the art and there is something… off about his fellow patients. And are those screams in the distance? The more he wakes up, the more Alex realizes his condition is more critical than he could ever believe. Samantha Mason directs this FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios collaboration.  

Intensive Care also stars  Kristina Balbo,  PG Lorusso, Bernie Horowitz and Dave Marshall.  Featuring Hannah Kramer, Janice Gardner and Ashley Brooks.   Directed by Samantha Mason.  Music by Matthew J Boudreau and Barb Truex.  Sound design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau.

The is piece is the prototype and inspiration for 11th Hour Audio productions.

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