Ichabod Crane’s Journey Through Sleepy Hollow

Greetings, Listeners! 

This next story is something a little… different: It began as a piece of artwork. Artist and illustrator Vince Dorse has created a poster that’s laid out in a kind of narrative timeline. To showcase the poster, Vince has crafted a video that details his art process and contains a narrative version of the abridged tale, guiding the viewer through the stunning visuals.
So why are we sharing it here? Well, the story is a classic piece of American horror–we’re certain you’ll recognize it. And it’s narrated and sound designed by yours truly, with help from the Uber Duo Horsin’ Around sound effects pack. Check the show notes for links to the video and Vince’s shop in case you’d like a poster for yourself. Now, button up your coats against the chill and journey with us to the quaint little town of Sleepy Hollow

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/sYfka4cqJmg

Poster shop link: https://vincedorse.storenvy.com/products/36267091-sleepy-hollow-story-poster-18-x24

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