Highway Chile

Written and Directed by Faith McQuinn

It’s 1970 in Southern California. Pamela, trying to get to a concert in Berkley, thumbs a ride with Janice, a mysterious woman who might hold more secrets than Pamela can handle.
Fun fact: “Highway Chile” is the title of a Jimi Hendrix track from the album War Heroes (1972)

Highway Chile was a collaborative project with Observer Pictures, Shhh Jus’ Listen Media, and Mermaid-Lion Entertainment

Featuring the voices of
Xperience Jay as Pamela
Angel Sand as Janice
Christina Cain as Angie
and Joshua Suhy as the radio announcer

Story by Faith McQuinn, Xperience Jay, and Angel Sand
Sound Design and Mix by Joshua Suhy
Original Music by Katherine Seaton

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