Hellstream – Like, Comment and Kill

Humanity is under attack. Monsters born from the darkest depths, crawl the wretched streets day and night, killing and devouring all they find. The few people that survive, do so by living deep underground. But there is hope. There is entertainment….. Because every night a select band of heroes around the world ride the great elevators to the surface. To battle the horde. To defeat the demons. Broadcasting live onto millions of bunker monitors across the planet. This is… The Hellstream!!
Written, Directed and Edited by Peter Beeston
Featuring the voices of:
Kelsey Painter as Erin The Fox,
Owen Mccuen as The Voice of The Hellstream,
Andrew Biss as The Demon Overlord,
Katabelle Ansari as Carly,
Tanja Milojevic as Faye,
Karim C Kronfli as Simon,
Hannah Lloyd as Beth Justine,
Leah Hince as Kylie,
Dean T Moody, as The Advert,
Heidi Fischer as Mia, (Faye Fan Girl 2044)
Additional Production Help By: 
Javert Boudreau,
Spleeny Dotson,
Peter Richard Adams,
Pip Mason,
Matthew Boudreau,
Michael Haight.
The Opening and End Track used in this production was ‘Attack The Block’ by ‘Hey Pluto!’,
Podcast Character Artwork of ‘Erin The Fox’ by Liquid GTX.
This work is released under a creative commons agreement for 11th Hour Audio and Cornucopia Radio.
Thank you for listening. We all hope you really enjoyed this production; it was so much fun to make. We were influenced by trashy horror anime, Paul Verhoeven films and ‘first person shooters’ in putting this all together. We’d also love to hear from you if you enjoyed it, or want to get involved in future audio drama productions with us.

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