By Ele Matelan
Mr Wilkins wants to sit back, relax, and gently recover from his double eye operation on
the calm yet vibrant hospital ward…and all goes like clockwork…until Nurse Tempe turns
up. This binaural realisation of this written for audio horror story, of a man who does
more than rub his sloughy eye (with encouragement from a psycho nurse) will have you
squirming in delight – if you like that kind of thing.
Recorded from the perspective of Mr Wilkins to give you that fully immersive feeling…
…when you have an itch…you gotta scratch…right?…
…In medical professionals we trust…
ELE MATELAN – As well as writing audio gems like this one, Ele is almost certainly one of the
best live foley creatives working in live audio today. Find her work, and pictures of her and
team in full live foley action on the Wildclaw Theatre website – and enter the Deathscribe
horror writing competition that happens yearly to share your unique brand of horror – if
you dare.
FIDGET was first submitted to the Dashingly Quirky Audio Drama Script Writing Competition
2019…and Sarah wanted to do it live but other judges thought it might be too….horrific to
do for a live show, where this level of horror was not expected…
I still think it should be done live…don’t you?
Karim Kronfli as Mr Wilkins
Sarah Golding as Nurse Tempe
Danyelle Ellett as Doctor
Katharine Seaton as Nurse Ruth
Robert Cudmore as Unhappy Grunting Patient
Sound Design and Original Music Composition by Katharine Seaton
Produced by Sarah Golding and Katharine Seaton
This was a collaborative audio project for 11 th Hour Audio Challenge 2019 with:
Firewall Productions
Good Pointe Podcast
Wildclaw Theatre
A Scottish Podcast
Katharine Seaton’s Awesome
And Quirky Voices

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