Essential Bites

Welcome to The Essential Bites Family, where you can Sink Your Teeth Into A Better You! But not all is as it seems; follow Luka, a not-so-young vampire, and his discovery of both family and fiend.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Vampirism, Cult-Like Mentalities, and Predatory Business Practices.
Now for the real ones: death/murder.

Written by Mik Koats
Directed by Newton Shottelkotte
Dialogue editing by Newton Shottelkotte, Kathryn Stanley, and Tamar Cimenian
Sound design by Kathryn Stanley
Composition by Tamar Cimenian

Transcription created by Nzingha Primus

Luka was played by Emmett Moon
Cardi was played by Tamar Cimenian
Pixie was played by Tal Minear
Nevada Fae was played by Mik Koats
Kerri Beth was played by Kathryn Stanley
Cassandra was played by Nzingha Primus

This project is a part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.
Transcript for this episode

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