Another Bad Night

Thank you for listening to “Another Bad Night,” part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.
Written by Adam Blanford
Directed by Vincent King and Adam Blanford
Featuring the voice talents of:
Abby Rose as Melody
Melissa Medina as Paige
Adam Blanford as Riley
Kassandra Cherry as Gainer
Charlotte Norup as Phillips
Rissa M. as Angel
Persephone Rose as Seraphim #1
Sheila Morris (?) as Seraphim #2
Jesse Keeton as Zombie
Vincent King as Lizard Man
Kaitlyn Kliman as Devil Girl
Karin Heimdahl as Mummy
Paul Cotton as Vampire
Brian Anderson as Maniac
Steve Schneider as Cowboy
and a collection of random dog recordings as Rufus
Sound Effects were provided by
Music provided by Kevin Macleod at
Another Bad Night, a collaboration between the Breakaway Network, Postal Roach, the Y2K
podcast, and Hail and Well Met. Have a happy and safe Halloween, and don’t take any wooden
nickels or demonic daggers. Thanks again for listening.

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