11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month – The Hidden Truths 2

Welcome to December everyone. In the United States December 11th is National Make a Friend Day and we would like to take a moment to recognize all of the friends we’ve made over the years through the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.
The original concept for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge was simple. Get together with some people you’ve never worked with before, create an original horror story and do it in one month. The first show we created like this, Intensive Care, brought two different production teams together. The second, Vultures Over Low Doves, brought two different countries together.
People getting together to tell stories pre-dates the written word. Some of the earliest evidence dates back as far as 30,000 years ago. The drawings in the Lascaux and Chavaux caves in France depict visual stories and sympathetic magic in the form of animals, humans and fantastic creatures. Storytelling is part of what makes us human. The practice lives at the intersections of identity and community and thrives on ideas summoned through diversity and struggle. Ideas are the fuel that feeds us, feeds creativity, progress and relationships. Stories are how we share our ideas and fend off the things that lurk beyond the campfire.
So in honor of National Make a Friend Day, we invite you to pull up a chair and listen to a story. Because the greatest enemy of community, creativity and ideas is censorship. 

Before we get to our story we wanted to let our friends know that we’ve started a Patreon. 11th Hour Audio plans to bring you more shows and not just in October. We’ve been working with our friends, creating scripts, casting roles and budgeting. To learn more and lend your support visit us at https://www.patreon.com/11thHourAudio

The Hidden Truths 2 comes to us from Tom Rory Parsons. It’s a story about identity, belonging and a frightening misuse of power. Josh continues his Journey through life but encounters a new supernatural threat, it’s up to his family and friends to solve the problem once again. We hope you enjoy it.

Listen to The Hidden Truths

Written by Tom Rory Parsons
     You can hear more of Tom’s work in:
     The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Down the Basement, and Gower Hall

Shaun Mendum as Josh

Sarah Golding as Mary
     Sarah also appears in:
     Breathless, Monster’s Game, and The Parsonage

Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis
     Listen to Fiona in:
     Upstairs Upstairs, Customs, and Monster’s Game

Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim
     Catch Karim in:
     Ivory Towers, Reminisce With Me, and Fidget

Lauren Regan as Jenny

Erika Sanderson as Miss Snell
     Erika also appears in:

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