11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month – Jesus Gets Rejected

February brings us Valentine’s Day, a holiday associated with love. The feast of St. Valentine was founded by Pope Gelasius I in 496 in honor of the martyred priest who performed weddings for Christian couples. On February 14th, the day of his execution, legends say that he wrote a note to a judge’s daughter whose blindness he had cured signed “from your Valentine“. Today relics of Saint Valentine draw pilgrims seeking true love.
This month, in celebration of celestial affection, we bring you Jesus Gets Rejected. A short drama that reminds us that the heart wants what it wants, no matter the reason.

Vanessa (Christianne Greiert) is tempted by Satan (Mike Racioppa) and won’t accept Jesus (Cayenne Chris Conroy) into her heart.

May contain objectionable material.

Written by – Michel Entler
Directed by Samantha Mason
Music – Purple Blues by Amy K Bormet
Sound Design by Mike de Almeida
Theme music and editing by Matthew J Boudreau
Artwork by Monique Boudreau

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