11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month – A Season of Changes

January is the sacred month of Janus, the Roman God of all beginnings, endings, thresholds and time. He presides over the start of each new year and symbolizes the duality of change. Depicted with two faces Janus sees deep into the past and future, he resides in the passages between young and old, war and peace, and birth and death.

This January we bring you a story written by Gareth Brownbill and directed/produced by Peter Beeston of Cornucopia Radio. A Season of Changes tells the story of four people whose past misfortunes and future hopes become intertwined through a thin dividing wall and the cries of ghostly lament.

James sits alone in his flat dreading the things that lurk outside. Margaret silently considers how much time she has left as a machine rhythmically measures her heartbeat. Kathy slowly worries about what she has lost and Jane tries to come to terms with what she now has to cut away.

Peter Beetson and Hanna Lloyd were 2022 11th Hour Audio Challenge participants. Check out their submission Hell Stream – Like, Comment and Kill! here.

It is a season of change for all four of them, and that’s when the lightbulb flickers for a brief moment before the filament breaks at its weakest point and everyone is left in darkness. We know it’s only temporary and lightness will soon return… but can we be really sure?


Ian J France as James
Maggie Evans as Margaret
Janice Whitworth as Kathy
Hannah Lloyd as Jane


This production remixes Creative Commons tracks from Scott Buckley to create it’s musical score.


Written By Gareth Brownbill
Directed & Edited by Peter Beeston
Sound Effects via: www.freesound.org

This podcast is released under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License

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