11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – Vanishment – Don’t Let Your Mind Wander

Greetings, Minions, and welcome to November! We want to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone who participated in… and tuned in to listen to… the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2023. As a way to celebrate the talented folks who participate, we added awards to this year’s challenge. Shamble on over to our website at www.11thHourAudio.com/2023-awards to view the recipients.

This month we bring you a collaboration between Peter Beeston of Cornucopia Radio and esteemed 11th Hour veteran Richard H. Brooks. Episode One of the Vanishment anthology is titled “Don’t Let Your Mind Wander.” 

Richard’s 2019 Challenge submission “A Haunting Beyond the Lake” earned first place in the 2021 ALCS Audience Award at the UK INternational Radio Drama Awards, a testament to his mastery of weaving tales that linger in the darkest corners of our imagination. Reality and the supernatural converge once again in “Don’t Let Your Mind Wander”:

On a mission to the other side of space, Cara communicates back home and hears a voice that is reassuring, familiar, and cannot possibly be there.

Written by Richard H Brooks
Directed by Owen McCuen

Cara – Sally Walker-Taylor
Father – Karim C Kronfli
Mother – Fiona Thraille
Marija – Bridget Lappin
Matthew – Jonny Glasgow
French Voices In The Control Room: Arno Capostagno, Vn_Aiis, Emmy_Ard

Composer Dayn Leonardson
Producer Peter Beeston

Also written by Richard Brooks

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