11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – The Tell-Tale Heart

Creature Feature of the Month – The Tell-Tale Heart

This month, we’re delving into the chilling world of Edgar Allan Poe with an offering from Tom Rory Parsons. Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” has been a staple of horror literature since its publication in 1843 and for good reason. Published in 1843 “The Tell-Tale Heart”, explores the chilling emotional fusion of guilt, paranoia, and the human psyche. 

The Tell-Tale Heart Keeps on Beating

“The Tell-Tale Heart” has had a significant cultural impact, particularly in the horror genre. Poe’s story is often credited with paving the way for psychological horror, and it has inspired countless adaptations in film, television, and literature. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Poe’s writing skill and ability to tap into universal fears and anxieties.

Meet Tom

Today’s audio interpretation of “The Tell-Tale Heart” was created by 11th Hour Audio Challenge contributor Tom Rory Parsons. Tom is also the creative mind behind:


He has also composed music for 


and the 11th Hour Audio theme music you heard at the show’s beginning.

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The Tell-Tale Heart was written by Edgar Allan Poe

The Narrator was played by Lauren Regan         

The Old Man was played by Pete Lutz

The Artwork was by Faith McQuinn

Credits Read by James C. Taylor

This version of “The Tell-Tale Heart” was produced by Tom Rory Parsons who also composed the score, did the editing, and Sound Design.

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