11th Hour Audio – Creature Feature of the Month – Jacob’s Revenge

Has the oppressive August heat had you pining for the woods? Well, If you take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit four and follow Route 70 east, you will reach Route 72 at Four Mile Circle. If you take the sharp left from the circle you’ll find Ong’s Hat Road and a desolate, murky trail that may lead to Ong’s Hat, an abandoned place with an interdimensional portal hidden deep in the Pine Barrens.

The legend of Ong’s Hat includes tales of arcane texts, jilted lovers, lively watering holes, mad physicists, interdimensional travel, and a gateway to other dimensions.

Join your host, Owen McCuen as he takes you on a mystifying journey into the Pine Barrens and its secrets in Jacob’s Revenge.


Created by:

Owen McCuen

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