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You’re packing up your gear and getting ready to spend the day outdoors capturing sounds. While having a recorder is essential, so are the batteries that make it run, the cables that connect it to the microphone, the bag you pack it in, the balloons for getting that impulse response, a handful of rubber bands, a few clips, your favorite windscreens, a mount or two, a tripod (or two)  and your trusty roll of gaff tape.

Yep, it’s time for a bigger bag.

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Windscreens and Windjammers

Windscreens and windjammers are the essential barrier between the elements and a microphone. Windscreens are the perfect size for hiding in a stocking, and while they may not seem exciting, they are always necessary and appreciated. Some windjammers are big enough to be a stocking. 

Pop filters

Just as every field recordist needs protection from the wind, every voice actor needs a pop filter. The Gator RI-POPFILTER Rok-It has an adjustable 11.5” gooseneck and clamp mount making it pretty versatile in the studio. 

Price – $13.99


Microphone Stands

Tripods, Monopods, desktop, and even grips… Now that you’ve got the perfect microphone you need something reliable to put it on. 

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Oben CTM-2400 4-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

This monopod has affectionately been dubbed “The Staff of Oben” around here. Fully extended it reaches 59.2” and collapses to 18.3”, the perfect size for carrying in and on your gear bag. It holds up to 22 lbs and has a retractable spike, making it not only a sturdy monopod but also a defense against those crows. It does not work with vampires though. You’ve been warned.

Price – $79.99

Joby JB01515 GripTight Action Kit All-in-One Video Tripod Stand for Smartphones & Action Cameras

Would you like to attach your mic to a tree? How about a railing, a chair, your driver-side mirror? This is the toy you’ve been waiting for! We’ve used these at conference panels, concerts, and field recording. And they’re fun to play with.

Price – $30.00

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Shock Mounts

Movo Photo SMM5 Universal Microphone and Portable Recorder Shock Mount https://reverb.grsm.io/movo


Shock mounts absorb vibrations that would otherwise be recorded by the microphone and ruin an otherwise great take. 

This handy little accessory reduces mic handling noises through  4-point suspension.

Price – $14.95


Want to capture an IR? Then you’re going to need to make a loud broadband burst of noise. You can use a clapboard, a starter pistol or a sine sweep. But our favorite is balloons. They’re cheap, can be shoved into your pockets, scare away coulrophobes and make your day a little brighter.

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