How to Howl (Like You Mean It)

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Learning how to howl requires breath control, practice, and attention to detail. Mastering the three sections of a wolf howl, experimenting with techniques, and incorporating body language can result in a captivating and authentic howl. Respect wildlife and their habitats when practicing.

Survive A Story Critique

I love a good story critique. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an acquired taste. And you have to deal with a lot of asshats along the way. It’s not easy to get good feedback. Just a lot of bad experiences that lead you to those good ones that happen along the way. But when you receive a … Read more

Tom Parsons: Composing for Horror

Title Card for Composing for Horror

I have been composing for audio dramas since 2015 and have worked on over 30 projects. A lot of these projects are horror-related. Influences Composers who inspired me: John Carpenter John Carpenter composed the scores for films such as Halloween, The Fog, and Escape From LA. I admire Carpenter’s ability to create simple pieces and … Read more

Brain Depository

AFTER 5:00 P.M. SLIP BRAINS THROUGH SLOT IN DOOR Welcome to the depository Here you’ll find a collection of informational and inspirational resources related to all the things that make audio drama horror happen. Books For Writers Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson … Read more

Music and Horror – Mad Fiends With Violins

Title card for Mad Fiends with Violins

Strange Bedfellows Music and horror have been intimate partners bent on emotional sabotage since the silent film era of the mid-1890s to the late 1920s. F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922), Georges Méliès Le Manoir Du Diable (House of the Devil) (1896), Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage (1921) all incorporated and relied on music to lure their … Read more