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      Matthew Boudreau
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      Monique Boudreau

      Need some vocal warm-up techniques?
      href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Some Vocal Exercises

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      Matthew Boudreau

      Any folks in or can make it to the NJ area (the Pine Barrens) in October? We’ve got Werewolves on the menu and they’re not afraid to eat you. (Wait. That didn’t come out right.) I’m especially looking for an adult female with a strong, maternal voice and folks who like to run around outside.

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      Pandora Beatrix

      Hi, got linked here by @AudioAuditions, looks fun! Not sure how I’m meant to go about finding a group, but if anyone needs a Professional Sad Person, lmk!

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      Monique Boudreau

      Hello and Welcome @doratrix!
      I’ve created a new group for people looking for a show to jump in on. If you accept my friend request, I’ll send you an invite, then just hop in and let people know you’re looking for a production to join.


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