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    Martin’s Glaring avatarMartin’s Glaring

    I’m having such a hard time right now I’m about to tear my own hair out. I haven’t finished my script because my brother gets SO EXCITED about Halloween that he becomes 10K times more high maintenance (autism spectrum disorder is not fun). The worst part is, he wants to participate in 11th Hour too. Can we do a short story with him the same way we did Martin’s Glaring last year? I have a book of public domain scary stories and he can read one, with a whole lot of audio experimentation. Or, is there an unattached sound designer who would enjoy a short experimental project?

    Peter Cornucopia avatarCornucopiaRadio

    Hi Lindsay, I’m keen to help out another group other than just working on my own teams production this year (which fingers crossed, seems to be going smoothly) If you and your brother can record something, I’m sure I could make it come alive with sound-effects, music and anything else.
    Drop me an email to [email protected] if I can help
    – Peter


    Heya Lindsay!
    I totally get it! And of course, Ted is always welcome aboard. I loved what y’all did with Martin’s Glaring last year and would love to play whatever y’all have to offer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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