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      Hi! I was wondering what was the deadline to register for the site? And to sign up our group (do all our members have to be part of the forum?)
      Thank you!


      Hi! Sorry it’s taking so long to respond. We’ve been on the move and trying to get set up. has all the rules laid out. Only one member of your team is required to sign up in order to submit the podcast (in the collaborate menu above). Others are encouraged to join, but it’s not required.

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        I was also wondering- in regards to music, how original does it have to be? ie Can we use something from freesounds/incompetech/royalty free music, or do we need to compose completely original music?


        You are not required to compose an original score for your show. You have to have the legal right to use the music, including attributions where required. Sources like Free sounds and Incompetech are fine. We also encourage folks to reach out to some of the composers that participate every year and collaborate with them.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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