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Glenn Mercer

Haha, nice. I can go back even further… Hollywood Screenwriter… it was basically a no frills, Windows only, Movie Magic Screenwriter. I think they made it before software companies started giving out free trials. I think I had to load the disk every time I opened the program.

Speaking of Movie Magic, though. It had two features built into its default template that I miss every time I use Final Draft, or Fade In. With MM, if you want to split a dialogue passage and add a line of action, in between, you’d just hit enter where you want it split and the the character name would automatically go into place for both lines of dialogue. With FD and FI, you have to hit enter a couple times and then go to the line above the second dialogue and tab over to add the character name, and then when you hit enter you have to go down and delete the line that was created by entering the character. It is so infuriating. Also, in MM you have the option of centering your title on the top of your first page as an element in the default template. With FD and FI, you have to create a new element for that and then save it as a new template if you want to use it on another script. MMSW had a few simple ways of doing things. Even their margin/page cheats seemed to work better.