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Glenn Mercer

Filmmaking is expensive. Even on the DIY/Zero Budget projects I work on, the costs add up quick. I didn’t know KC and Faith came from film as well. I guess that makes sense, though.

I really like the punk rock aspect of AD. I was talking to Owen about that recently… I find it so cool that a piece can be recorded on the other side of the world and emailed to the producer and strung together to create such immersive worlds.

If you don’t mind me asking… what type of writing do you do for a living? I’ve always been laser focused with screenplays but as I get older, I realize how unlikely that spec sale is. And after 25 years working a job that I hate, I’m looking for a change

Anyway, I’m looking forward to working on your production. I have a few ideas for a small piece that I hope to put together in October. My GF is an actress, but she’s also disabled so she can’t do theatre or film anymore. When Owen introduced me to audio dramas, I was instantly interested due to the simplicity of putting together short pieces with me and her.

Btw, how stringent are the rules regarding teams? I know part of the point of 11th Hour is introducing new people to audio dramas and getting different people to work together on productions… but would a small drama with only a couple characters be allowed if the teams have worked together before? Since I am a complete production newbie, I’d prefer to keep it small and work with a few people I already know so I don’t overwhelm myself.