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Glenn Mercer

I agree. I just couldn’t get the hang of the margins. It looked too alien to me. And the SFX breakdowns seem too stringent and unnatural to read/write a story. At the end of the day, no matter the medium, we are storytellers and I believe the world needs to be as easily presented as possible.

I have nearly every screenwriting program in existence… I have a thing for tools… so any format is available. You never know who might want something in .fdx or even .mmsw.

As I briefly stated before, I was introduced to filmmaking from my friend Brian back in high school. He was this weird guy making movies in our small Pine Barrens town. He needed someone to read a line in his production of Hounds of the Baskervilles for his English class… the next thing I know I’m prancing around a field with a butterfly net and a hackneyed English accent… needless to say… I was hooked. I quickly became enamored with the process of filmmaking but didn’t have any money for a camera, so I took up screenwriting.

I still have some filmmaking dreams, but screenwriting is my main pursuit. The problem with screenwriting is that it’s a lonely endeavor. They’re not necessarily the easiest of reads and unless you make a sale, or enter a contest, it’s pretty difficult to get much feedback. I have a pretty good support group that have offered their time to read my paltry stories, but I would like to hear/see my words come to life. As I said, film is my first love, but I can definitely see/hear the appeal of the audio drama. And to be honest, I am consistently blown away at the level of professionalism in the indie audio drama world.