Collaborate with 11th Hour Audio

Creating great audio doesn’t mean you have to be great at all aspects of production. A great team helps bring your story ideas to light in exciting and unimaginable ways. We feature writers, actors, designers, and composers who love making great audio! And there are several ways to participate!

The 11th Hour Audio Challenge

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Our flagship event! Every year in October, creators from all over the world get together to make horror as part of the 11th Hour Audio challenge. Shows are featured on the 11th Hour Audio podcast on October 30th and heard by listeners worldwide!

Creature Feature of The Month

Got a bit of audio horror you want to feature? There’s nothing we like better than finding new stories to feature. We’ve always got a place for great horror in our Creature Feature of the month! Submit your show now and we’ll review it for our future episodes!


The 11th Hour Script Repository

Got a horror script you’d love someone to produce? Want to get started in producing horror audio fiction, but just need a script. Our script repository is a place for producers to find audio scripts to produce!

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