The Rules

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11th Hour Audio Challenge Rules

Our goal is to engage as many teams in 11th Hour Productions as possible. Anyone can take part, and there aren’t many rules. Sadly, everything needs rules. Even mayhem has its order. But we kept the rules intentionally simple and flexible as hell.

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The Copyright Rule

Copyright is only tricky if you’re intentionally dancing in the grey area.  The simplest answer is consent.  If you do not own the material and don’t have permission to use the material, don’t.

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Deadlines and Time Crunches

Working in fast-paced circumstances can be a fun challenge. Team members really have to focus in and take creative approaches to problem-solving. 

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Collaborating and finding a common voice

The more tools we have to express our ideas, the more ideas we can communicate, and the best way for ideas to evolve is to see how others express them.

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