11th Hour Audio Challenge Rules

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Our goal is to engage as many teams in 11th Hour Productions as possible. Anyone can take part, and there aren’t many rules. Sadly, everything needs rules. Even mayhem has its order. But we kept the rules intentionally simple and flexible as hell.

  1. To alleviate copyright concerns, all show materials must be original.
  2. Shows do not have to be written in October, but shows should be recorded and post-produced in the month of October. Deadlines are at 11 PM on October 28th each year.
  3. Shows should involve more than one production company, as the point is to gather, and learn from each other and to create awesome audio.
  4. Scripts for shows must be under 30 pages in length.


  • Matthew is a writer with an obsession for "the right word", storytelling, and communicating big ideas in accessible ways. He's a fierce advocate for the written and spoken word, striving to inform and support the voices of other creators in his role as a Communication and Content Specialist. As a sound designer, Matt also crafts soundscapes and edits dialogue for audiobooks and fictional podcast productions. He has lived all over the United States and travels with his wife and son in search of craft beer and great stories.