Martin‘s Glaring

A group of cats is called a clowder and sometimes a glaring. If you have ever wondered what cats think when they’re staring at you, take a trip with this folktale adaptation. A man lost in the woods meets a mysterious glaring but has a trick up his sleeve.

Adapted from an old American folktale by Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris-Friel
Storyteller: Ted Harris
Directed by Lindsay Harris-Friel
Sound design by Vincent Friel
Produced by 6630 Productions

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  • Matthew is a writer with an obsession for "the right word", storytelling, and communicating big ideas in accessible ways. He's a fierce advocate for the written and spoken word, striving to inform and support the voices of other creators in his role as a Communication and Content Specialist. As a sound designer, Matt also crafts soundscapes and edits dialogue for audiobooks and fictional podcast productions. He has lived all over the United States and travels with his wife and son in search of craft beer and great stories.