11th Hour Audio Challenge Audio Horror Awards


The 11th Hour Audio Challenge encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and unleashing your creative genius. Whether you’re an experienced audio producer or a passionate newcomer, this challenge is for you!

The rules are simple and flexible, allowing you to let your imagination and horrors run wild. Our judges will evaluate submissions based on originality, creativity, audio quality, and horror. The winners will be announced one week after Audio Drama Day, on Nov 7th.

Participants in the 11th Hour Audio Challenge not only have the chance to win recognition badges, but they also connect with a dynamic community of audio producers, designers, and talent. They are part of a network that conspires and collaborates, sharing knowledge, tutorials, and tools to enhance their audio horror production skills, create captivating audio shows, and be part of an unforgettable experience. Together, we’ll push the boundaries of audio drama and celebrate the power of storytelling.  

Creator Recognition Awards

While the 11th Hour Audio Challenge is not a competition, we do like to recognize the hard work that goes into participating. Creators are required to produce an original audio horror show in just 28 days. A panel of 6 audio dramatists listened to each episode and selected a creator or production to receive a 2023 11th Hour Audio Challenge Badge.


Monster Mash

Award for the most terrifying sound design or foley work.

Peter Beeston – The Call Out


Scream Quing

Award for the best voice acting performance in a horror show.

Erika Sanderson – The Vacant Sea – A Widows Walk & Alas, Poor Stewart


Weaver of Horrors

Award for the most original and creative horror concept.

Caroline Mincks – Phone Tag


Ghoul’s Delight

Award for the best use of music or sound effects to create an eerie and haunting atmosphere.

Jim Cogan – Murder on the East Ward


Horror Buff

Award for the most accurate representation of a classic horror trope or sub-genre.

Paul Spencer – Red Wine for Red Meat


Nightmare Fuel

Award for the most spine-tingling and chilling moment in a horror show.

Phil Ryan – The Call Out


Horror Hype

Award for the best trailer or teaser for a horror show.

Tarn Arthurs & Zachary Whelan – The Meanderer

Horror FX

Award for the most impressive and realistic special effects in a horror show.

Caroline Mincks & Tal Minear – Phone Tag


Horror Fan Favorite

Award for the show that received the most downloads in the first week.

Red Wine for Red Meat

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Thank you, everyone, for your support and enthusiasm!
Together, we have conjured a hauntingly successful 11th Hour Audio Challenge! We continue to haunt the audio horror world with ghastly delight.
Special thanks to our panel of mystery judges for dedicating their ears to the cause. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to our harrowing host, Owen McCuen for his continued enthusiasm, dedication, and audio horror talent. And finally a special shoutout to Kessi Riliniki for creating the award badge designs.
May the shadows of our collective efforts continue to dance in the moonlight, and may our shared passion for the mysterious and uncanny flourish evermore.