11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month – The White Vault – Scatter

It’s September and there’s a hint of change in the air. Labor Day has come and gone, families on summer vacation have scurried home to tame the children and send them back to school and pumpkin spices are being sprinkled into everything.
The Harvest Moon rises on the 10th as the last full moon of summer and September 22nd marks the Autumn Equinox- It’s time to reap what has been sown.  But remember an old bit of Appalachian wisdom that says to always leave at least one apple in each tree when you harvest to keep the devil away. 

So as you eagerly await the end of summer’s harsh glare and dream of warm apple cobbler and fallen leaves, we’ve brought you an episode from The White Vault, Season 5 Episode 2, Scatter. The White Vault is a found-footage horror drama that follows a repair team sent to discover the source of a mysterious signal coming from the remote Arctic research Station in Svalbard, Norway. Once the group reaches Outpost Fristed and makes the repairs they are trapped by a heavy snow storm. The mystery deepens and the team’s situation begins to unravel after they discover a service hatch in the bunker. 

As season 5 opens the remaining team members attempt to return to Svalbard. With their nightmares and terrible visions in tow, they find themselves facing another isolating storm and breakdown in communications.

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K.A. Statz – Writer/Creator

Travis Vengroff – Producer/ Sound Designer

Kaitlin Statz – Writer

Cast and Crew

Lani Minella

David Ault

Peter Joseph Lewis

Eyþór Viðarsson

Kessi Riliniki




Hem Cleveland

Tanja Milojevic

Diane Casanova

Carla Garcia

Janis Westin

Eric Nelson

Danilo Battistini

Sophie Yang

Pacific S. Obadiah

Alli Smalley

L. Jeffrey Moore

Brandon Strader

Ewan Chung

Haytham Alwan

Marisa Ewing

Karin Heimdahl

Carolyn Saint-Pé

Jeff Clement

Karim Kronfli

Charlotte Norup

Gemma Amor

Krista Neubert

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