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May is a provocatively, spirited month of the year. It started with the fires of Beltain, budding trees, blooming flowers, and Mother’s Day. In the middle of the month, the Blood Moon will cast the sky into an eerie glow as a total lunar eclipse. The Flower Moon will rise near the end of the month, reminding us all that growth stems from transformation. It is a metamorphic month of mothers and moons. So with that in mind, we are delighted to bring you two stories this month, Windover and Hide.


Windover comes to us from the Wireless Theatre Company. It is a supernatural story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon. This ethereal ghost story follows a young woman named Jenny who is on the brink of some major life changes. Jenny is troubled by spectral visions of the past and an unresolved tragedy.

The story includes the voice talent of Beth Eyre who has also appeared in two 11th Hour Challenge productions – Ivory Tower and The Radcliffe Square Labrinyth.


An atmospheric ghost story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon, told through the eyes of Jenny, a girl of nearly nineteen, whose recently deceased grandmother, Mary, has bequeathed her ‘Windover,’ the cottage where she is staying with her father and his girlfriend during the summer vacation.

Before long Jenny starts to be troubled by visions of two teenage girls, and learns, from a photograph taken in 1934, that these girls are her grandmother, Mary and her friend Cathy. As the days go by and Jenny becomes increasingly disturbed by the visions, she befriends Stephen, a neighbouring farmer and tries to enlist his help in making sense of what’s happening to her. Stephen, however, is evasive and little by little Jenny finds herself drawn into the tragic events that occurred nearly eighty years earlier.

Starring – Emma Kelly, Sean Baker, Richard Holt, Colleen Prendergast, Beth Eyre, Amy Raine Jackson, Richard Reed and Pamela Binns

Written by Brita Bradbury,

Directed by Cherry Cookson,

Edited by Malcolm Thorp,

Produced by Mariele Runacre Temple

Hide is a special Mother’s Day treat for all those tired mums out there. This short fright will remind you that sometimes there is something under the bed and we still don’t want to know about it. The story comes to us from Quirky Voices Presents and Sarah Golding. Sarah has been an 11th Hour Challenge participant from the beginning and has been a part of 13 different productions including – The Hidden Truths, Castle of Horror, and Fidget.


Created by Sarah Golding of Quirky Voices Presents

A short horror story full of tension and ….horror.

Tom, a young boy cannot get to sleep – he hears something…someone breathing in his bedroom late at night. His mum, trying to get her work done tries to comfort him.

A Haunting Beyond the Lake Cover Image of two figures silhouetted by a setting sun on a lake shore

Back in Oct 2020, Richard H. Brooks brought this achingly haunting tale to the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. The script was snatched up by Matthew Boudreau who produced, directed, and sound-designed the show. Dayn Russell Leonardson wove a musical composition around the endearing characters portrayed by Jonny Glasgow, Tarn Perly, and Mark Maxwell.

In April 2021 Dayn Russel Leonardson composed an instrumental score inspired by “A Haunting Beyond the Lake” .


In May 2021 “A Haunting Beyond the Lake won 1st Place in the UK International Radio Drama Festival.

And now “A Haunting Beyond the Lake” is being played TONIGHT, April 11, 2022, on the BBC! It will air 9:00 P.M. (GMT) or 4:00 P.M. (EST) on BBC Radio Kent and then across the BBC network and on-line!

Also written by Richard H. Brooks

Do you want to hear more? These 11th Hour Audio Challenge shows were also written by Richard and produced for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.

Cover Art for Gower Hall

If you want to survive a horror story there are two things you should never be. Friends with underage, horny inebriates and anywhere near an archaeologist or their research.

In the horror realm curiosity is often the driving force behind carnage and mayhem that ensues. And almost no one is more unreservedly inquisitive than the archaeologist. From mummies to child-possessing demons archaeologists have unleashed enough horrors into our imaginations to make Pandora seem circumspect. So in celebration of all that archaeologists have resurrected for us, we’re digging deep into the repository and brushing the dust from an old favorite from the Aural Stage Studio’s “Dialed In” series, Ancient Evil.

When an ancient Xipe curse is released in the university’s Archaeology Lab, Ryan, an overworked grad student, and his scatterbrained advisor must contain it to prevent an apocalyptic outbreak on campus.

Written by Monique Boudreau


David Ault

Mike Racioppa

Nat Angstom

Amye Lewis

Directed by Samantha Mason

Music by Peter Van Riet

Sound Design by Mike de Almeida

Theme music and editing by Matthew J Boudreau

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Calling Darkness

What happens when six women accidentally summon a Demon from the bowels of hell?

Calling Darkness is a horror-comedy audio drama from the pens of NoSleep Podcast writers S.H.Cooper and Gemma Amor. 

Cower in fear as our guest star Narrator, Kate Siegel, guides you around Crowe House. Tremble as you listen to the terrifying yet titillating adventures that take place within the walls. Come and say hello to our intrepid gang of girls, a special book, a Demon, and other odd folk. 

Featuring voice talents from across the world of audio and podcasting, fully immersive sound, and a script to die for- quite literally- you are listening to Calling Darkness.

Season One, Episode Five – “Women In The Wallpaper”

In which Annabelle finds herself trapped, Sexy Priest does absolutely nothing ‘Priestly’, and Cassie shows off her mean left hook.

Written by S.H. Cooper

Performed by:

Kate Siegel as the Narrator

S.H. Cooper as Bridgette Milsen

Gemma Amor as Gloria Smith

Allison Brandt as Cassie Waters

Victoria Juan as Mariela Williams

Desdymona Howard as Annabelle Crowe

Charlotte Norup as Nadia Olsen

Dan Zappulla as Phineas Daws

Owen McCuen as Father Montgomery

Erin B Lillis as Mrs. Morwood

David Cummings as Mr. Morwood

Matthew Bradford as Pizza Boy

And featuring Graham Rowat as our demon overlord Lialga (and the voice of George)

Audio Design and Production by Kristina Manente and Holly Ritchie

Main theme by Brandon Boone

Musical Scoring by Amy Balcomb

Episode Artwork by Desdymona Howard

Executive Producers: David Cummings & Alex Aldea

Community Manager: Brooks Bigley


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It’s February and here in the Mid-Atlantic, that means Oh baby, it is cold outside! So for this month’s feature, we thought we would heat things up a bit with an offering from –  Kiss: The Audio Series

“Some believe that a kiss is one of the most intimate connections that two people can share, but when it comes to Washington, D.C.’s Lipstick Serial Killer; a mere kiss could easily equate to death. The “Kiss of Death,” as she is known to the public; preys on attractive, unsuspecting men with only one objective in mind: TO KILL! Sealing each murder with a sinful kiss to the frontal lobe, The “Kiss of Death” plots to destroy every man in her path for as long as she can.”

Kiss: The Audio Series comes to us from 11th Hour Audio Challenge participant, Xperience J. who created Santa Baby for 12th Night Horror and starred in Highway Chile


Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia, Xperience J, AKA Crystal Judkins, describes herself as a multi-hyphenate creative and we agree. As part of a musically talented, art-infused family she was destined for a life steeped in creativity. Crystal wrote her first novel in the 10th grade and has since published three books. She is the co-founder of Two Pens and a Grind Publications, Black Audio Dramas Exist, and the founder of Shhh! Jus’ Listen Media where she uses her love of sound to produce innovative audio experiences. She is an audio producer, director, voice actor, and sound designer. In addition to Kiss: The Audio Series, she has also produced Past Due and is in pre-production on her next audio project. When asked the probing and intellectual question “Why horror?” Crystal explained that she has loved horror since she was a child.

“There’s this thrill in being scared… can’t really explain it but I’ve always enjoyed it. Even the cheesy ones, it was a natural transition for me. I love the psychology behind horror, especially psychological thrillers… it’s a rush.”

Whatever her reason we’re glad she’s here to lend her voice and talent to the genre. Crystal weaves the dark threads of sexuality, violence, and power into an immersive, guilty pleasure. 

Series Created by: Xperience J and WAR  Episode Written by: Xperience J Produced/Sound Design by: Xperience J

Cast: Melanie E. Redmond Khyriel Palmer Mariah Tarlay Raffoulicket

Music Credits: Christian Anderson Bonnie Grace Aswan Johnson Limxcrxwn Nature’s Symphony Timothy Infinite


Join us around the fire as we pour the last cup of wassail, slice into the king’s cake, and round out the season’s end with four tinsel-tangling stories to bring your holiday season to its end. The Christmas Prison cover art for The Christmas Prison with elf in green sweater and knife in front of a gift with a red bow Alone in the store at night with a job you hate what could possibly go wrong? The Christmas Prison by Tom Rory Parsons Chris Quinby as Noah Austin Mosher as The Elf Sarah Golding as Judy Owen McCuen as The Police Officer Written, directed, and score composed by Tom Rory Parsons Editing and Sound Design by Kristina Manente Art by Mixitpixit Credits read by Karim Kronfli Thanks for listening! Evil Elf (A Sinister Christmas Short) image of skull surrounded by tea light candles on black background Written and performed by Joel M. Andre. Music (used with permission) by Sam Haynes. Track: Christmas Evil (Ambient). Album: The Gift of Christmas Fear. Yule Lad Elf standing back while two children tend the stocking hanging over the fire

Written by: Owen McCuen Performed by: Owen McCuen and Agnes McCuen Sound Effects from Owen McCuen, Freesound.org, and Sonniss. Music: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Christmas Carol of the Bells, and Jingle Bells Royalty-free versions purchased by Owen. Santa’s Workshop assembled in GarageBand.

Santa Baby image of bloody santa claus suit with arm bound and a hand holding a knife with Crime scene tape It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but not everyone is feeling so festive.  Instead of spreading holiday cheer, The Santa Serial killer has everyone in mass hysteria. Including Maya, who already has a demanding job, an emotionally unavailable husband, and a needy lover begging her to start a new life together.  Now this? Content Warning: contains explicit language and depictions of sexual acts. Intended for mature audiences only. This is a Shhh! Jus’ Listen Media Production Written and Directed by Xperience J Story by Xperience J, Sound Design and Mix by Xperience J, Original Music by  Stephs_Music, Thomas Baglio and Epidemic Sound Starring Christina Cain as Maya Rodney Martin as Jeff Gary Scales as Devin Omni Helix as Mall Santa Kris Lark as News Reporter Sean B as Mr. Donaldson/Company Santa Derrell D. Johnson as Mr. Donaldson/Company Santa Rhumel Anderson as Mama Johnson Omar Herring as Papa Johnson Credits by Faith McQuinn

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Campfire Radio Theater and to show our appreciation for a decade of immersive listening experiences, we wanted to kick off our first-ever Monthly Feature with the mastermind behind Campfire Radio Theater, John Ballentine.

John is a familiar voice in the audio drama horror world. Like many of us, his passion for audio fiction was sparked by the stories emanating from his radio. John recalls listening to programs such as, Nightfall and Bradbury 13 and catching the creative bug to try something similar.

“I’ve always had a passion for fictional storytelling and writing. Had a bit of a history working with audio and filmmaking as well along with various other artistic endeavors. Combining these skill sets into producing audio drama proved to be a natural progression.” – John Ballentine

It’s December and the Holidays are upon us. It’s that nostalgic time of year. A time for eggnog and cookies, greeting cards and latkes, Yule logs, parades, and zombies. 

Yes, Zombies. What else would you expect from us? This December we’re kicking off the yuletide cheer with a featured Christmas show from our friends at Campfire Radio Theater.

And so, as John would say… “Welcome friend. Have a seat by the fire… Make yourself comfortable.”

Dreaming of a Dead Christmas

Two college coeds returning home for the holidays unwittingly unleash a zombie outbreak at a truck stop after running over a mysterious man on a desolate country road. Warning: May contain explicit language and graphic content not suitable for younger audiences.

Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine

Cast Tanja Milojevic Shelby Sessler John Ballentine Teresa Ballentine Blaine Hicklin Joe Stofko Music by Kevin Macleod and Michael Hoffman Songs by The Experiments, Reigning Sound, The Ravonettes, Out of Orion and Dott


Welcome back to the studio. This is Living Canvas. Today we’ve got a real special treat: We’re gonna create a painting that’s gonna open up a whole new world for ya.

Written and performed by Owen McCuen

Content Warning: Self Harm


Eight years ago, Lance’s father was murdered during a hunting expedition. Now, he and his mother have captured the one responsible and brought him to a remote island to be the quarry of an elite order of hunters. In a dangerous game of revenge who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Written by Matthew and Monique Boudreau Owen McCuen as Eric Javert Boudreau as Lance Sarah Fielding as Nadine Glenn Mercer as Michael Maya Chester Ziv as Bernadette Tanja Milojevic as The Helecopter Pilot John Boggi as Bernadette’s Father Directed and Sound Designed by Matthew Boudreau Original Score and Location Recording by Avi Ziv Recorded on location in the Historic Batso Village, Pine Barrens, NJ The Hunted is an 11th Hour Audio production pZg0zpEPqc0QdsgY7Pfj

Aisling’s senior thesis for their Communications Broadcast Radio degree is an audio documentary covering the mysterious deaths of four students on campus ten years before. It features recordings of the four victims right up until their deaths.

Written by Anna Stein

Aisling played by Daniel Young Coley played by Lindsay Zana Brett played by Anna Stein Thomas played by Resa Dana played by Marnie Warner Professor Rollings and the Library Staff played by Rashika Rao Directed by Rashika Rao Script editing by Resa Dialogue editing by Lindsay Zana Sound design by Daniel Young Music by Kai C

Transcript Transcription by Resa

Content Warnings: death, screams, audio distortion and static, anxiety, and mentions of destruction due to a snowstorm.