11th Hour’s inaugural production from 2015.

Written by Justin Mullane

Starring Michael McQuilkin and Seana Carmody

Rich Wentworth
Steve Schneider
Bryan Lincoln
Sarah Golding
Matthew McLean
Owen McCuen
Robert Cudmore
Sibby P Wieland
Matthew J Boudreau
Pete Lutz
Katey Falvey
David Jarvis

Score by John Carl Toth

Music by
Matthew and Javert Boudreau
VWT (Lucas Messier)
Ithaca Studios

Dialog Editing by Eli McIlveen
Sound Design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau
Script Editing and Artwork by Monique Boudreau

Production Crew
Henry Wentworth
Matthew J Boudreau
Fred Greenhalgh’s Rode NT4
Rich Wentworth
Scott Hickey
Bryan Lincoln
Pete – Throat Warbler Mangrove Sweet Butts -Lutz
Audrey Wentworth
Javert Boudreau
Steve Schneider’s Shovel
The Watermelon
Rebekah White
Mr. Body
Katey Falvey

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